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3rd January

Before midnight image


UK   2013   109 mins   15

This follow-up to Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise and Before Sunset finds roaming lovers Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke), now together and with children, assessing their relationship on the last day of an idyllic family holiday in Greece. As they reflect on the curious history of their romance, latent tensions come to light. Writing collaboratively, Linklater, Hawke, and Delpy demonstrate their immense understanding of their created characters. If the first two films belong with the greatest (if talkiest) movie romances of all time, the new film is richer, riskier, and more bleakly perceptive about what it takes for love to endure (or not) over the long haul.

17th January

Leviathan still


Fra/UK/USA   2012   86 mins   12

Leviathan is difficult to categorise. It isn’t a drama but neither is it a documentary in the traditional form. Filmmakers Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel took their cameras to sea in a North Atlantic trawler to film the process of fishing in the deep ocean. Small HD cameras enabled them to capture images and angles that are not easily obtained by bulkier devices. The result is an intriguing experience that draws us into the dangerous and dramatic world of the trawler, the creatures that accompany it and those that it is hunting. Largely dialogue-free, the film is an impressionistic rollercoaster that avoids exposition in favour of immersion – on screen sometimes literally.

31st January

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Annual Fundraiser - BLUE JASMINE

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Each year we have a special fundraising evening where we depart from our usual format of film with tea and cakes in favour of a licensed bar and accompanying light buffet. The fundraiser is an important element in keeping Presteigne Film Society in business. Given the high cost of screening films these days the revenue from the fundraiser can make the difference between breaking even and losing money on the year. It’s always an enjoyable evening and we hope you’ll be able to join us.

14th February

Enough Said image


USA   2013   93 mins   12A

In his penultimate role before his untimely death last year, The Sopranos’ James Gandolfini plays the divorced, jaded father of a teenage daughter who hooks up with the divorced, jaded mother of a teenage daughter played by Seinfeld’s wisecracking Julia Louis-Dreyfus. So far, so adult rom-com – which in itself is a rare delight – but elevating Enough Said to true comic genius is writer/director Nicole Holofcener’s grasp of the petty neuroses of California’s vain middle classes and the central characters’ arch, often hilarious responses to the dilemmas they face when their hesitant love affair is threatened by a troublesome ex-spouse.

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Borderlines Film Festival

Festival runs from 28th February to March 16th

Each year the Borderlines Film Festival, the largest rural film festival in the UK, centred on Hereford’s Courtyard Arts Centre but also spread across numerous venues in Herefordshire, Shropshire and Powys, brings us a vast selection of new and old films. Presteigne Film Society has participated as a venue for many years and will once again screen a movie under the Borderlines umbrella. See also the comprehensive website at (Click the logo at left)

28th February - Borderlines Film Festival Film

The Great Beauty image


Italy   2013   142 mins   15

Following his undeservedly dismissed ‘American’ film, This Must Be The Place, Paulo Sorrentino returns to Italy and his masterful Il Divo star, Toni Servillo, for a dazzlingly beautiful meditation on celebrity and middle-class obsessions. Servillo plays ex-novelist and society journalist, 65 year-old Jep Gambardella whom we see energetically partying, languidly articulating the spiritual bankruptcy that surrounds his charmed life, smoking and drinking with gusto and occasionally laying into the casual duplicity of his peers with caustic intensity. Hugely amusing, but also morally provocative and brilliantly performed. (S)

14th March

Gloria image


Chile   2013   110 mins   15

Gloria, a 58 year-old Chilean makes the most of her freedom as a divorcee – energetically clubbing yet hoping to find romance for perhaps one last time. Out dancing one night she meets the more recently divorced Rodolfo (Sergio Herndández) who professes the same hunger for a new life and new love, but perhaps isn’t quite what he seems. Subtly dominating every scene in Sebástian Lelio’s vibrant yet compassionate film, seasoned TV actress Paulina Garcia delivers a mesmerising performance as the titular heroine – one moment achingly vulnerable, the next confidently resilient – reason alone to see this multi-festival award winner. (S)

28th March



Romania   2013   112 mins   15

Cornelia (Luminita Gheorghiu), a haughty, privileged matriarch is used to manipulating everyone to her own ends, although this doesn’t quite extend to finding a woman good enough for her grown-up son, Barbu (Bogdan Dumitrache). When Barbu kills a teenager in his car, in order to keep him out of jail Cornelia must marshal all her skills to close family ranks and bribe the cops. Thus we see the nastier manifestations of a nouveau riche Romanian society in a film that won director Calin Pete Netzer the Best Film award at Berlin 2013, a result that was aided by a terrific cast, especially Gheorghiu who’s wincingly captivating in her first starring role. (S)

11th April

Le Week-end still


UK   2013   93 mins   15

Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan play Meg and Nick, two married almost-retirees who have decided to award themselves a Eurostar trip to romantic Paris. There they bump into Nick’s old colleague (Jeff Goldblum), a meeting that triggers mixed memories. It’s funny in a hangdog way – an observant screenplay by Hanif (My Beautiful Launderette) Kureshi, fine direction by Roger Michell, who collaborated with Kureshi on The Buddha of Suburbia, and, most of all, excellent performances from the lead players elevate this marital comedy-drama above the fray. “This is that rare mature film about grown-up people tackling real-world issues with wit and intelligence” - Rich Kline